Considering the various bills that Republican Congressmen1 have been writing, such as the withdrawn amendment to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education act which would force schools to “out” queer students, endangering them, at least one miserable attempt to amend state constitutions to ban abortion2, which endangers women, as well as numerous transgender healthcare bans3, which endanger the youths who need it, it’s already impossible to assume good-will from the Republican party. Repeated lies with blatant disregard for expertise or experience (such as that of gay or trans people) prove that they are not concerned about the people they swear to stand for. It’s easy to assume that they have a lust for power or a greed for wealth, but how does hurting trans youth contribute to your power or wealth? Those are the typical symptoms of a sadist — or worse, a creature from Hell.

“Gender-affirming healthcare” is a broad term for treatment given to those with diagnosed gender dysphoria, which is a mental health condition which, like depression, can become fatal if left untreated. The process, called “transitioning,” typically involves a few stages. The first step, after making a personal determination or sometimes only after diagnosis, is that the person will undergo a “social transition” that involves asking others, typically peers, friends, and complete strangers, to use a different name and pronouns than they went by before, and they will likely begin to dress differently as well. This is a relatively easy step, as it doesn’t require any legal or medical processes, although even this first step in the healing journey is impossible for some to take due to an extremely common phenomenon: being “closeted”. Many transgender people, especially youth, are “in the closet,” most often because to “come out” would put them in some kind of danger, such as abandonment/disownership, mental abuse, and even physical abuse. (I could not find any statistics about the size of the transgender closet, however I did find a study that claims 80% of sexual minorities, such as gay people, are “in the closet.”)

Donald Trump called his agenda “America First,” which is a known Ku Klux Klan slogan. The white supremacist group, much like the modern Republican party, has historically stuck with racism, violence, and white supremacy.

In late May of 2020, a white police officer boasted while pinning down a black man, and while the victim was indeed a criminal, this well-known act by the officer was considered racially motivated. While the political associations of the officer remain unclear, the two sides quickly began fighting over the incident, with riots and widespread fears landmarking June 2020. Republicans seem to agree that the event was an excessive use of force, yet condemned the protesters, mostly because they woke up and chose violence (thus, no longer being protesters4). The Black Lives Matter movement got their moment in the spotlight, and despite playing into Joe Biden’s hands during the election, they were later ignored.

Furthermore, the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas has reinvigorated Democrat calls for gun control and Republican opposition. The Democrats claim that limiting access to firearms would decrease the dangers they serve, which is sugarcoated at best, but the Republican party claims that school-children’s lives are not as important as their right to own guns under the 2nd Amendment5 of the US Constitution.

The United States Republican National Convention, or the Republican Party, is known for its evil and ignorant ways, which I have just begun to outline above. It’s incomprehensible that they could write transmisic, harmful, and racist legislation, defend racism and ethnonationalism, and deny access to necessary care, and not be creatures of pure hate and evil. In fact, anti-wokeness (“woke” is a metaphor for recognizing racism and other bigotry) has become a key tenet of the Republican party. How, given all this, can any reasonable person conclude that the Republican party wants anything but for blood to be spilled?

  1. Being a conservative party, they do not acknowledge the Republican women in Congress, instead preferring the inaccurate term “Congressmen,” simply because that’s how it’s always been. 

  2. “Republicans Just Voted Against Feeding the Baby They’re Forcing You to Have” on Vice might be relevant. 

  3. This bill, AL-SB184 or the “Alabama Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act” (an ironic name), also coerces schools to out students (Section 5). The Florida PRE amendment, on the other hand, would have outright forced schools to out students to parents within six weeks of discovery, no matter the consequences at home. 

  4. I feel like it’s important to remind everyone that there were real peaceful protesters involved, despite the news-capturing presence of looters and rioters, including those who burned police stations. These people did get caught up in the middle of something very wrong and often misreported, as I asserted in the Antifa-related article I wrote (which does not represent my current opinions and understanding, by the way). 

  5. It’s kinda funny how now, the state government alone is capable of forming an armed “well-regulated militia,” which is each state’s National Guard, due to gun control policies we already have. The original Black Panthers come to mind.