Misintelligence, n. the result of news-media allegiances and constant falsification of knowledge.

The Misintelligence blog is a blog by a regular dude with interests in technology, politics, and sometimes I might write about religion. There’s also a Misintelligence podcast you can listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Business/professional requests: [email protected] (subject to change) Use the comments on posts to address me about them. I love a good challenge, so feel free to give me counterpoints. Note your sources, please.

Anonymous tips are probably best left for other news sources. You can send me an encrypted message on Keybase to bleonard252.

What is Emergency Mode?

Emergency Mode is activated at the outbreak of war, during a pandemic, or other similar event that requires the absence of misinformation. Misintelligence will never go into Emergency Mode for political “emergencies,” such as elections. However, military conflicts may be cause for activation of Emergency Mode. Screenshot of Misintelligence in Emergency Mode for the coronavirus While Misintelligence is in Emergency Mode, the following changes will occur:

  • All newly written posts must be about the emergency focus. Note that scheduled daily posts will continue to be published. No new daily posts will be scheduled while Misintelligence is in Emergency Mode, and it is requested of any editors to postpone writing daily posts until Emergency Mode has been disengaged.
  • A red box with a declaration of Emergency Mode, a summary of Emergency Mode, and a statement of the emergency focus will be placed on the homepage at the top of the post list.
  • The prioritized post will have its tag and name in red, and a red label will be placed under the author label on that post declaring that it corresponds to Emergency Mode. There might not be a prioritized post. When there is one, it will usually be a post with constant updates on the emergency focus.
  • The red triangle in the Misintelligence logo will be filled.

A log of previous activations and deactivations of Emergency Mode will be kept here:

  1. The COVID-19 outbreak: activated March 9, 2020, deactivated April 6, 2020 (see post)