Misintelligence is a blog about anything from technology to politics, far beyond and in between. Blog tags, then, are wide range. This enables us to write about a wide variety of subjects. Here’s a quick rundown of our organization system.


Main Tags

Main tags are the most frequent tags used. Italic parenthesized tags, i.e. (News), in the list below indicate that the bolded tag can optionally be a sub-tag. Our main tags are:

  • (Reviews) > Tech Eds: This is for software editorials, but when used as a secondary tag, could be about hardware, which is usually under Reviews. On the homepage, these have light blue titles.
  • Reviews: These are reviews about usually a product we’ve tried out for a while, like a VR headset or a phone.
  • (News) > Politics: These are all about the election, what officials are doing, and international relations and the like. When the event being written about has not been concluded, you’ll find it under News as well. These mainly concern the United States. On the homepage, these have light red titles.
  • News: “News” is the overarching News category. You’ll find anything that we deem as news, such as events and updates (ergo new things) with this tag.


These tags are (in an imaginary hierarchy) beneath other tags. They are more specific than a main tag, and so will often appear as primary tags, alongside their ancestors (those up the hierarchy).

  • News / Politics > News Commentary: This tag will appear on posts, such as news or politics, where you may see opinionated content. It’s often a primary tag, so watch out for it and take it with a grain of salt when you see a post of News Commentary.
  • News > Breaking News: With a bold red tag to make it stand out, Breaking News articles are non-editorial (non-opinionated) articles, saturated with the latest information (and old information for good measure). These articles are bound to be updated frequently, and as such there’s a fancy helper button for Misintelligence writers to get to breaking news articles quickly. Additionally, we’ll frequently feature these so you can find them easily, and remove this tag when the news is over. Misintelligence takes breaking news very seriously, so you’ll never see opinionated content in a Breaking News article, even when the news is no longer breaking and the tag is removed. You won’t see Breaking News articles come out according to the daily schedule.

Special Tags

Posts with these tags won’t show up on the Home feed. Here is why:

  • Venting: These are highly personal posts by the staff. They do not fit in the general Misintelligence atmosphere, so they are not shown in the home feed. However, if you want to read a Vent, they do currently appear in the RSS feed and on the Vents page.
  • Short Stories: These are pieces of fictional literature by the staff. Since they tell of fictional events, they are not shown on the home feed. However, you can read all the staff’s literature (and perhaps some community literature!) on the Writings page.