The sun’s glow reversed
and the light ran behind it
as the darkness traversed
the desolate green fields.

Sounds of agony echoed
across the valley, the valley
which has been repoed
by the forces of the Devil.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death.
All who enter here seek
to take their last breath
within the darkest night.

At the edge of life
and death is the Valley.
Those distraught with strife
are welcomed by the demons.

Never again come here!
Some come back anyway.
Stay away; don’t even be near!
Yet some give in to the sea.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death.
Many walk here,
breathing their last breath.
Death looms over the Valley.

The night is endless
in the Valley.
Those here are friendless
and pitifully solitary.

Who has this reputation?
The Team of Trouble
and of Trials and Tribulation?
The forces of Hell are ready.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death
is colder than sub-zero.
Those who took their last breath
got it from their tears.