Another part of the effort to centralize the location of my short stories.

Welcome to the 99th grade. We know you’ve been around the block a few times, so we’ll spare the details on academics. Here in the 99th grade, we offer a giant dome that you can hit as many times as you want and it won’t move. There’s much more than a dome that we offer. Here, let’s go inside.

This is the library. The only entrance to the building is here. Our windows are plexiglass and don’t open! This is a protection against the dark arts that open windows overnight and they never come back closed. Also the rats. We don’t want them to get out. Anyway! Feel free to shout as much as you want in here, nobody has to read in the 99th grade anyway.

If you want to be a nice free spirit, feel free to roam the halls. We don’t have class either. You can congregate in any of the rooms. Nobody really cares. As for the next part of our tour here, we’re going to the roof.

Here you can see we have a swimming pool. You can do your work here on those days at the end and beginning of the year. There’s no water, as you can see. It would evaporate too quickly. Global warming, you see. Let’s go back inside.

As you can see here, we have Mike Wazowski chained up in a circular box to your left. Please ignore the rooms to your right. There’s nothing in them whatsoever. Uh, let’s continue.

The 99th grade is a challenging time for people your age. It is a time to overcome the Age Barrier. We’re gathered here to get through this hard time in your existence. We also have the ability to strike down any person at whim. They get back up right now though. We need to go back to the 98th grade to get that fixed up, I guess.

That concludes the tour. Thank you for participating! Please report to your containment chambers immediately or we will imprison you with Mike Wazowski. See you on Geoday morning, everyone!