At XYZCO, we strongly believe in trust. We trust our users to do the right things with our products. Our users trust us to produce these products and improve them over time. Central to our trust is transparency; we’ve always been transparent with our products, and our users are always transparent with us about their uses of our products.

XYZCO’s value of transparency comes from our roots– when users are transparent with their data, we can construct new products tailored to their needs. This is how XYZCO got its start: we made products people needed, gathered feedback, and used that to make our next generation of products. We still use these practices today.

Today we’re proud to announce three new transparency tools, because we believe users should be transparent with the companies whose products they use.

Innovative Data: Existing data will be returned to your device to use machine learning to improve our data sets further.

Creative Speculation: Media files will be scanned on your device to help others determine plagiarism and encourage creativity.

ML Disintegration: Machine learning models will be archived on our cloud over time. Your older data will go first.

These tools cannot be disabled, and will benefit you as we make more products.