No matter who’s elected, November 2020 will unravel quickly into potentially the worst chaos of the year. Here are some of my thoughts on how this could turn out.

UPDATE 1: Reports are now saying the Presidential race is getting tighter, and that Trump has a better chance of winning the Presidential election than he did in 2016. I’ve also seen a report on CNN that a lot of Republicans don’t vote until Election Day, which might sway the results that currently favor Biden. This is still imperfect and purely speculation, so I do not currently wish to update the article as seen below.

UPDATE 2: January 6, 2021 happened… and it turns out that it was one of the options I predicted. I don’t know how to feel about this but the article will remain as it was.

Before a Winner is Declared

It’s entirely possible that violence could break out over the election on Election Day, before there is even a winner. While I doubt this is going to happen, knowing what happened just the other day, people react before they even have the information on a case. QAnon adherents, “Proud Boys,” and “Boogaloo Boys” could be on the streets claiming the Democrats, or as QAnon calls them, the “cabal,” have or are rigging the election in their favor, which is not true. (If anyone’s rigging the election, it’s Trump. But I don’t believe that either. Or maybe they’re both doing it!)

If Trump Wins

It’s quite unlikely (overwhelmingly, I’d say), but if by some chance President Trump wins his second term, first there will likely be chaos in the streets (think June, maybe worse). The “protests” will be about “election integrity,” with the Democrats claiming somewhat baselessly (if you have evidence, I’d be glad to see it) that Trump rigged the election (with the current poll stats, someone has to rig it for him to win), and the Republicans obviously denying it, as they have in the past.

Furthermore, it’s extremely unlikely without fraud that in addition to Trump winning the presidency, the Senate will stay red and the House will flip. So if he wins the 2020 Presidential Election, very few laws will be passed, repealed, or changed. This is because bills have to pass through both houses before the President can sign them into law.

A more realistic outcome than this is that the Senate and House will be controlled by the Democrats. Now, they are more likely to get bills passed through both houses without having to argue as much with the Republicans. However, they have one roadblock: the President, who is a Republican. Uh-oh, now they have to fight him! However, if the Democrats can flip the Senate enough that they have a 2/3 majority, they can bypass that, and I’m confident they’ll have enough Representatives.

If Biden Wins

It’s a lot more likely that Joe Biden will be President-Elect in November than for Trump to retain his throne. When this happens, it’s not impossible Republicans will find themselves on the streets, possibly “protesting election fraud” as well. And knowing Republicans, they’ll be toting guns while they do it– which could be considered a threat against the President.

While QAnon seethes, the legislature will be cranking out the “Green New Deal” or something similar. (That’s a topic for another day.) You will see a lot less bickering, because since the Democrats control most of the media people watch, they can suppress and deny conservative viewpoints and the masses are coaxed into believing it. (Now, of course, there are a lot of right-wing “news” websites and channels too, but significantly less people watch or read them. Do you ever hear people citing The Right Scoop, do you? Didn’t think so.)

I’ve also heard rumors that the Democrats plan to declare Biden unfit for office, thus instating Kamala Harris as President and Nancy Pelosi (probably) as Vice President. Of course, this is just a rumor and I have no evidence for it.

The chaos and horrors of 2020 are not over. Since this is all in the future, there is no telling the intensity nor severity of the days and weeks ahead. The battles of Republicans vs Democrats in America could even escalate into civil war– perhaps first in the streets, then in major cities, then nationwide– but don’t assume that, please. The most likely outcome: Biden becomes President, the Senate turns blue, and a slew of new legislation is passed in January, potentially more than we can keep up with. And Trump has to hold on to the powerless two months resultant of his failure.