If you’re encountering enemies, you’re going the right way.

If you’ve been on the Internet enough, you will have heard this phrase. It’s a tip to players of role-playing games (RPGs). But have you ever thought about how this is a metaphor for life?

On the journey of life, one will encounter many great perils. Some become unbearable, families then suffer loss. Is it any consolance to remind you of a great truth many don’t realize is in a gaming tip? There’s hope, there’s something good, worth it, on the other side.

The “enemies” in this quote may very well represent the difficulties that stand before you on the “right way.” The hardships you encounter are the enemies you fight on a daily basis.

If you’re willing to look at this from a biblical standpoint, the “enemies” are the Enemy and his “angels” (which are technically angels, but they’re *fallen *angels). From this standpoint, if you’re tempted, “encountering enemies,” even, then you’re worth him targeting you. You’re going the right way if someone has to try to bring you down.

You will go through hard times. That is a given fact of life. But at the end of it all, when you do one day get to the other side, you will find that the hardships you went through may even be enjoyable, and have their up-sides, such as the friends you made along the way. You’ll see how difficulties build you up. Now I only know this because of what I’ve been told, and what is found in the Bible (a surprisingly large amount of truth lies there, sometimes even deeper than the surface).

You may have also heard that “there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” This one is more intended to be a motivational phrase: there’s something good on the other side. So when you do find yourself in a hard place, remember this: if you’re encountering enemies, then you’re going the right way.